During the holiday season everyone is in a mad rush to complete their gift giving list.  You need to take care of your family, friends, coworkers and possibly even some of the service workers that you deal with on a regular basis.  But if you can manage it, you might consider adding your commercial property to the list. It may sound strange, but giving a gift to your commercial property can pay back dividends to you and the community.  In this article we go over some of the gifts you might consider bestowing upon your commercial property.

Window Treatments

There are a few ways you can go about this.  One is to use your window for a holiday display to create some extra interest in your business – especially among children who will always have their parents in tow.  Another is to upgrade your windows for better insulation. This will keep your property warmer and save on your energy bills. You might also want to add curtains or shutters to give you more control over the amount of light and heat that enters or leaves your building.

Add Public Wifi

Wifi has almost become a fact of life these days – people have come to expect it.  Not only will adding free public wifi to your property please visitors and customers, it could have practical applications as well.  If customers need to show you something that resides in their email, having access to wifi will allow them to bring it up easily without incurring unnecessary charges.

Minor Renovations

While you won’t want to completely renovate your business during the busy holiday season (unless your particular industry is rather slow the holidays), doing some minor upgrades can pay off big dividends not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.  Adding a fresh coat of paint can really spruce things up. Consider adding some crown molding to add some flair to the room and make it appear larger. Wall trim adds an aesthetic appeal, but can also be practical by saving your walls from damage from moving furniture or stock throughout the room.