Commercial properties will typically receive much more foot traffic than a residential building.  For this reason it’s important to install a durable, long lasting flooring material.  Bamboo is often considered a good alternative for commercial floors because of its strength, durability and easy maintenance.  In this article we’ll go over four reasons why bamboo is great for high traffic commercial flooring.


Bamboo is a harder wood than most other hardwood flooring materials.  However, strand woven bamboo is one of the hardest wood flooring materials available.  It’s actually considered twice as hard as oak.  Strand woven bamboo gets its strength by mixing an adhesive with bamboo pulp and compressing it into shape with heat and pressure.  This makes it great for commercial applications or places with heavy foot traffic.


Ease Of Maintenance

There are various ways to maintain bamboo floors depending on the type of planks you’ve installed.  Engineered bamboo has a protective wear layer that’s quite resilient to water damage, scratches and stains.  The thicker the wear layer, the longer it will last.  If it becomes too worn down, it’s a simple procedure to replace single planks or tiles.

Urethane coated, strand woven planks can be refinished many times over before replacement is necessary.  Wax coated planks can’t be refinished, but this type of finish is one of the best protective layers you can ask for.  Regularly buffing the floors will create a long lasting finish that can withstand high traffic.


Ease Of Installation

Bamboo can be used for floating floor systems or it can also be fixed into place using nails or glue.  Many types of bamboo can be installed using a click and lock system making it easy to work with.  Professional installation will ensure the floorboards are laid properly for a long lasting, durable surface.



Bamboo flooring comes in many styles and can add to the ambience of any room.  It’s also available in a wide range of plank widths and lengths to allow it to fit in with almost any type of surrounding decor.  If you want your floor to stand out, bamboo will offer many options to achieve your ideal situation.