Commercial construction projects that go past their deadline are not just bothersome, they will increase costs for all of the parties involved. Finishing commercial construction projects on time depends on at least a few main factors. In this article, we narrow those factors down to three of the most important considerations that should be taken into account if you would like to complete your commercial construction project before the deadline.


Open lines of communication amongst all parties involved in a commercial construction project is probably the most important factor in ensuring deadlines will be met. Without communication simple things like schedules, deliveries or site access can become major problems. The main contractor should take the role of central communicator and ensure all the other operators in the project have a firm understanding of their roles within the overall schedule. By keeping all parties on the same page, delays can be avoided and the deadline can be attainable.


By bringing in contractors as early as possible and allowing them to be part of the planning process, there’s a greater likelihood that proposed deadlines will be met. Planning allows guidelines and checkpoints to be set which will be important to gauge where the project should be at any point in time. Planning is essential for understanding whether the deadlines are feasible and what will need to be done if they are not.


Creating a realistic budget will go a long way in ensuring your commercial construction project is able to be completed before the deadline. Unexpected or extra costs can shut down an entire project until all the principals involved can decide how to react to the situation. By making sure the budget takes into account all aspects of the project, covers the necessary expenditures and makes allowances for cost irregularities, you can be assured that money won’t be the cause of any delays.